Here are some pictures from the 2003 sailing season and some from our archives.
Picture yourself here.. click on image for full size view!

1939 Classic Sailing Yacht ~ Viva
Maine Sailing Adventures for Everyone..

Viva showing her stuff in the 1980's

What are little girls made of?

Look at the sunset they are missing!

#2 Always a welcomed sight
Entrance into Belfast Harbor

Just another Sunset in Belfast Harbor
Bayside waterfront

Your crew ~ Don and Martha

Castine waterfront

Dyces Head Light - Castine

Viva ghosting along in light air

Another great day to sail on the Penobscot Bay

I really like this!!!

Pictures say 1000 words- Need we say more?

Anniversary-Weddings-New Friends

Martha - Admerial & First Mate

Holbrook Island - Click HERE to See More about Holbrook Island

Story Point Lighthouse - Stockton Springs

Young Camper on Viva's Foredeck

Come Boating's Youth Adventure Sail

Honeymooning...Need we say more???

Great Day Sailing