Holbrook Island Sanctuary

Holbrook Island Sanctuary extends over 1230 acres of spectacular Maine coast on Penobscot Bay. Most of the property is on a point of land on Cape Rosier but it includes a 115-acre island just off shore from which it takes its name. From the beaches, mudflats, and rocky coast to the tops of steep hills that are actually old volcanoes, the sanctuary hosts a great diversity of plants and wildlife: spruce, fir, pine, mixed hardwoods, wetlands and meadows, deer, fox, muskrat, beaver, otter, porcupine, bobcat and coyote, great blue heron, osprey, bald eagles and peregrine falcon. The mainland preserve admits automobiles and has a network of trails, ponds and a picnic area. The island is accessible only by boat.

Below are a few of our favorite pictures taken on the island. We look forward to sharing Holbrook Island with you!

The eastern end of Holbrook looking towards Cape Rosier.

Meadow of Dasies - Looking west towards Turtle Head

Meadows with Mowed paths make walking easier

Don Beachcombs with Camden Hills in the Background

Sunrise on Seal Island

Pebble Beach looking south to Islesboro with Camden Hills behind - Click on Pix

Rocks Everywhere and ViVA swings on her mooring

There is a Bald Eagle in the top of the tree.

One of Martha's Favorite pastimes - Collecting Rocks

Sunset comes to Holbrook Island

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